Enhancement of cooking cost to Primary and Upper Primary and High Schools for implementation of Mid Day Meal Programme w.e.f 1/7/2014 from Rs.4.35/- to Rs.4.60/- for Primary Schools
and Rs.6.00/- to Rs. 6.38/- for Upper Primary Schools & XI & X th classe
s blink G.O.RT.No. 289 SECONDARY EDUCATION (PROG.I) DEPARTMENT Dated:05/12/2014 blink

Online Submission of FORM -19 for MLC Elections blink

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Claim for inclusion of name in the electoral roll of a Teachers Constituency of the APLC. -Form-19

Certificate for Form-19 from Head Master /Principal

D.A Table for 77.896 % blink (in EXCEL Fomat)

D.A. Enhancement from 71.904 % to 77.896 % W.E.F. 01.07.2014 GO MS No:198 FINANCE (HRM.V) DEPARTMENT Dated: 09.10.2014. G.O Released

P.F.Credit From :7/2014 to 9/ 2014,Cash from : October 2014